Policy Origination

Senior Settlements LLC has been originating life settlements for its own portfolio and for investors since 2000. The main processes of our originations are:


Case Intake 

Each case submission is reviewed for completeness and an initial check is made for conformity with eligibility criteria. For each case that meets criteria, an electronic case folder is created.


Data Entry
Each case is recorded in our policy database and assigned to a Case Manager. The database is continually updated for missing documents and specific case notes for the Case Manager.

Case Management 

Case Managers work with the brokers to obtain missing case information and obtain market offers. They use their broker connections to assist in the offers for policies and assist the Processing department.


Financing Entity Interface

A second review of each case is done for eligibility criteria and completeness. Completed cases are submitted to the financing entity and all communications and bids from the financing entity are recorded in the database.


At the direction of management, offer packages are prepared for presentation to the brokers. Case managers are responsible for following up on the status of outstanding offers.


Once an offer is accepted, our Processing Department prepares the state specific purchase agreements which are then sent to the lead broker for execution by the Seller. Once the purchase agreements are executed and returned to us, they are checked for completeness.


Insurance Company Interface 

Once the Purchase Agreements are completed, the Processing Department requests from the respective Insurance Company, in-force illustrations and verification of coverage (VOC). Once this information is received, it is packaged with the Purchase Agreements and sent to the Verification/Escrow Agent.


Verification/Escrow Agent Interface 

Our Processing Department coordinates the delivery and review of the verification package with the Verification/Escrow Agent along with the submission of ownership and beneficiary change forms to the Insurance Company. Once ownership is changed, Processing coordinates the release of escrowed funds for payment to the Seller and the Post Rescission date for the payment of all other fees and expenses.